Promoting Your Business to China

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Connecting to various investors and foundations for industrial funds and seed funds, which can cover start-ups at different stages of growth and meet your financing needs at different stages.


Expanding the network to incubators, accelerators, high-tech industrial park, manufacturers, technology cooperation partners as well as local government in China.

Overseas Workspace?

Free and high standard coworking spaces as well as ready-to-moveoffices in Beijing, Nanjing, and other cities in China, which will be your ideal choice for opening a branch in China.

Know more about China?

Workshops about patent protecting, regulations and laws in China. We also organize free trips to China which you can have face-to-face conversations and field trips to industrial parks and companies.

About Us

Huizhong Industry Service Center

We're a small team with backgrounds in business, law, electrical engineering and GIS, and our aim is to provide entrepreneurs with full-stack support when you need funding\marketing oppotunitie\joint ventures in China. We believe China is a key market when you face the future. We will work with you through the ups and downs.

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Our Team

Jinpeng Feng

General Manager

Lu Lu

Operations Director

Yiming Chen

Marketing Director

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